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Ever since Tammy stepped out of her roll in the WWF she has been very happy working for ECW.One of the main reasons is that is gets to be with her boyfriend Cris Candido more often.Tammy & Chris throught out there wrestling careers have mostly always been together exept the time when Chris left the WWF to go back to ECW.And they never got to she eachother because Tammy stayed in the WWF.Now Tammy and chris are working together again in the ECW and are both members of the Triple Threat along with Shane Douglas,Bam Bam Bigalow,and the sexy and ever so beautiful Francine. Tammy & Chris are in a fued right now with Lance Strom and his new valet Dawn Marie.Tand Dawn have had many cat fights and recently in the ecw arena there was a mix tag match between Tammy/Chris vs Dawn Marie/Lance Strom. I hope Tammy stays with the Triple Threat for a long time.She has a great future ahead of her in ECW.

By The Rock